WorkSMART 1.0

Remind yourself to take short breaks from work


  • Supports up to ten pauses
  • Handy desktop warning messages
  • Includes a basic statistics tool


  • No configuration settings at all

Not bad

I personally don't need anyone at work to tell me when it's time to go home, but I also understand there might be people who get so concentrated that forget completely about work pauses.

Fortunately you can now count on WorkSMART for this task. This easy tool can be configured to display a message window every time you should take a short break from work or simply leave the office and go home. Granted, it sounds quite simple, but you shouldn't take it as a joke. Far from being a waste of time, these short breaks will surely contribute to improve your productivity and make you feel better at work – oh, and also make your family happier because you don't arrive home at 9pm.

WorkSMART is very simple to configure and use. You need to set your starting and ending times at work plus your lunch break, and then configure several pauses across the day, up to a total of ten. Ideally you should be taking at least a five-minute break every two hours. The program also includes a basic statistics tool that calculates the amount of time you spend on each app, which can be helpful to track your activities and avoid procrastination.

WorkSMART works fine and didn't give me any problems during my tests. The only thing I missed was having some sort of configuration menu which included the possibility to change from the am/pm time format to the 24-hour clock.

With WorkSMART you won't forget about taking short breaks again, making work less stressful for you.



WorkSMART 1.0

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